The coronavirus crisis has not stopped the progress of the VIPRISCAR project. Last 22th June the partners held the second year meeting via online. In this way the project evolution and the main results and achievements were succesfully evaluated.

On one hand, the pilot-scale production of IBMC has been validated. From now on researching IBMC activities will be principally centered in plant upscaling simulation to industrial scale. The ASPEN-based simulations will be used to indicate the optimal equipment and reaction conditions for different IBMC potential production scenarios of industrial implementation.

Concerning IBMC based coatings, the synthesis of IBMC-based hydroxyl-functional oligocarbonates and up-scaling the process for obtaining feedstock for waterborne PUDs is advancing. Moreover, Several different amines, catalysts, and solvents have been used, to assess the reactivity of the mixtures and the best reaction conditions to obtain non-isocyanate IBMC base polyurethanes to be used in coating applications. The obtained coatings present good properties of flexibility and lap shear.

On the other hand, some  IBMC precursors for adhesives formulations (both polycarbonate diols and non-isocyanate polyurethanes) have been developed for being tested by an industrial partner.