TECNALIA has received the certificate OF BEST PRESENTATION AWARD in the  XIV. INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH CONFERENCE ON BIOPRODUCTS ENGINEERING AND BIOPROCESSING (ICBEP 2020)  entitled Isosorbide Bis-Methyl Carbonate: Opportunities for an Industrial Model Based on Biomass

Due to the circumstances derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was held on-line. There, TECNALIA presented the work carried in the VIPRISCAR project related to the production of IBMC, a biobased secondary monomer of very interesting applications in the polycarbonates and polyurethanes field as a substitute of bisphenol-A, or diisocyanates. The operational conditions employed in the IBMC production process presented consist of soft temperatures and low energy needs, no additional solvents are used, and high operational efficiency is achieved. All of them are according to green manufacturing rules.